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Bacchus and the Dolphins

KoA parallel of the day! These always make me happy. I just realized the hilarious similarity between the story of Bacchus (Dionysus)  and the dolphins (as seen in Book 3 of Ovid's 'Metamorphoses') and the story line of the King of Attolia. First of all, Bacchus enters dressed in "embroidered robes of gold and purple" and "half-dazed with wine and sleep." Hmm, fancy dressing and a wine jar in one hand, sound like any kings we know? Bacchus/Gen then proceeds to play the buffoon as the sailors/attendants steer him to the wrong port/hallway. The only person who sees past the god's/king's disguise is the helmsman/Costis, who then tries to warn  the sailors/Attolians but gets laughed off and ignored. "Then the god, making sport of them, as if he'd only just perceived their treachery" calls them on their misbehavior and reveals his true form. Rather like the scene with Gen's attendants, "... Costis felt the shock like a physical blow. If Attolia could look like a queen, Eugenides was like a god revealed, transformed from something wholly unfamiliar" (KoA ch.10, p. 228 in the hardcover version). I personally feel that KoA would have been much more amusing if Gen had turned all of his attendants into dolphins. And of course, what KoA parallel would be complete without the victory of the wooden stick over the sword? In the 'Metamorphoses,' Pentheus (who had bragged earlier that he would show Bacchus how his sword was better than the deity's stupid wooden stick) is killed by a mob of Maenads wielding those same sticks. Proving that you CAN kill a man with a practice sword/thyrsus.

THEME! Ovid would have loooved the QT series. His book, 'Metamorphoses,' is all about (to state the obvious) metamorphoses. Likewise, each of the QT books focuses on a metamorphosis of sorts. TT sees Gen transformed into the boy hero of Eddis, then in QoA (as Eddis notes) he transforms from the boy hero into a hero hero, and in KoA he becomes Annux. CoK is about the metamorphosis of Sophos from a fuzzy little bunny into the king of Sounis.

Dedicated to Procrastination

I should be doing homework, but I just couldn't resist a little doodle. And now we all see why I don't post any artwork >.< Absolutely zero skill in the artistic world. But I was bored so...See the doodle...Collapse )

It was pointed out not too long ago on Sounis that Gen is remarkably similar to the god Hermes in many aspects. So naturally when my Greek and Roman mythology class launched into an entire lecture on Hermes and his various associated myths and roles my ears perked up.

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Elephant Theft (aka Psych meets Gen)

So I was watching Psych season 3, which my awesomely amazing dad bought for me (I got my whole family addicted, LOL), when this jewel of a reference just about made me fall out my chair laughing XD

Shawn: We're available for more cases by the way. Embezzlement, extortion, espionage. Pretty much anything that starts with E. Elephant theft.
Chief Vick: I'll take that under advisement. 
Juliet: Elephant theft? 
Shawn: Oh, yeah. 
Juliet: People steal elephants? 
Shawn: Major problem. Pretty much out of control.

AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! And for the record, my mom is now officially addicted to the Thief series!!! She FINALLY got tired of my obsessive behavior and decided to see what the big deal was so she read them and now she's like "thanks for introducing me to the series!!!" And now she's going to read Chrestomanci ^.^

Sicily was an experience beyond words. I learned so much, saw some of the most breathtaking sights imaginable, and had some pretty amazing pizza and gelato as well. That island is steeped in history and it was an honor to have one of Sicily's top archaeologists as our tour guide/director/professor. It was also the first time that I have been surrounded by people who share the same interests as myself. Most people in my classes just take them for electives credits, so I have never been surrounded by others of my program until this trip. Again, experience and opportunity beyond words. I got some good tips and made some good friends.

Now, as promised, I have functional internet and will therefore upload some pics. Here goes.
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 We went to Syracuse on our Sunday off, it was SO MUCH FUN!!! Our first stop was the archaeological museum and upon our arrival our prof treated us to a lecture on the historical significance of Syracuse. One of the most important claims to fame - being the hometown of the great mathematician Archimedes himself. So I did my best to listen to that lecture on Archimedes with a straight face, although there was a considerable amount of laughing up my sleeve. It didn't help matters that there were an abundance of "Piazza Archimede", etc. named after our favorite circus performer. Everyone probably wondered why I kept taking pictures of random street signs... and snickering while doing so...

And yes, according to the lecture, olives were a major crop on Sicily.

Magpies and Stones

 Funny story. We have magpies EVERYWHERE here, they have stalked the people preparing food at times. Yesterday we were having fun shifting sand, etc. and we had some pretty darn nice finds (by our standards, anyone else would be bored...). We left for our siesta and when we came back and started to retrieve our buckets and shovels from the ground to resume work our prof came over and asked us if we were missing anything, because the magpies had been poking around. We all looked at each other in panic (thinking about the beautiful shards of glass that we had found) and dove for the finds box. After rifling through it and checking that the gorgeous glass handle that I had found was still there, along with our other bits of glass, bone, and ceramic, we couldn't think of what was missing (and our prof was smiling this whole time). Finally, we announced that we didn't see anything missing. Then our prof, grinning, was like "and I was that magpie" and he held up what he had been hiding. We had forgotten to check the bags, he had taken the awesomely amazing carved bone end of a stylus that we had found earlier, it was the only one found so far at this site so he wanted to record it, then he decided to give us a heart attack. 

Another funny moment came today when we were cleaning out backfill from a room next door. The whole room was just loose sand and stones so we quickly cleared to near the floor. They decided that it was my turn to hack at the packed sand with the hoe but when I did I hit a rock, so I moved over and promptly hit more rock, so I went to the other side and hit MORE rock. The only spots that I could clear were at the very edges of our spot. The other people with me were like "go AROUND the rock" and I was like "but it's EVERYWHERE" but they insisted that I was just an incompetent hoe wielder, there couldn't be rock everywhere, and one of the guys took over. And he hit rock. Everywhere. So we busted out the brushes and trowels and unearthed a HUGE stone block, big enough for 2-3 people to sit on side by side. They were like "oh, what do you know, you were right!" I was like "thank you, nice to know that I'm not going insane."


Archaeology Students, Better than TV! >.

 We have local workmen who come and do stuff in our site like shift sand, etc. Or should I say "work"men? They don't really work. They just sit there and smoke and WATCH us. It's REALLY awkward. I mean, it's not subtle watching, where you glance over and then away or something like that. It's intent O.O staring, like we're animals in a zoo. Our prof says it's because they aren't used to seeing females work. And it's not like we're doing anything that they aren't, we're just shifting sand too. The only difference is that they get the spot where the context was ruined and therefore nothing of archaeological value remains, so nobody cares if they mess up. I was starting to wish I spoke more Italian so I could have a Gen moment in which I said something that I really shouldn't, either about their staring or their work ethic. And then there are all the cars that stop and watch us for a while on their way by, which is awkward too because the room I am working in is right by the fence so it's the same zoo feeling as before. So I'm trying to act normal while there are these people with their noses to the fence O.O , just stay calm, empty the wheel barrel and maybe they will go away...

I also managed to sprain my wrist or something so it's barely functional. So that made lifting buckets of sand fun. I can't wait for Sunday!

On a more fun note, we found 3 baby mice today!!! A girl broke into their nest when she was working today and was bombarded by little missiles so she FLIPPED OUT and we all came running, me with my camera because I thought it was another lizard and have been trying to get a pic of one. But then we saw that they were only mice and not the man-eating terrors that we were lead to believe. They were SO ADORABLE!!!!! Only an inch long and all fuzzy!!! So we moved them and I got pics, which will be posted some time of course! Awwwww, cute babies!!!



 Sand in and behind my ears, sand in my eyes, sand in my shoes, sand in my gloves, sand stuck to EVERYWHERE that had sun block, and even sand up my nose. But I am having so much fun!!! We are working on cleaning out the backfill and tarps from last year. Wind + sand >.< At least the wind keeps us cool, so I can't really complain. But I can sympathize with Gen about the whole sand in the food situation now. I guess that's what we get for being right next to the beach. We're on siesta now, I'm so tired! I just finished taking notes and pictures for my essay that I have to write when this is all finished. I'm having fun learning about "straight joints" and how you can use them to tell which rooms were built later than others. And I am going to be in such amazing shape after doing nothing but shift sand for hours on end, lifting full buckets out of the house, shoveling more into buckets. All this while surrounded by ancient history, it boggles the mind! Good for the body and the soul, AND it counts for credits and field experience. Cheers!



 Well, I made it all right!!! I navigated the airports without any problems. I was so proud of myself, in Rome a guy asked me what time it was in Italian and I answered him just fine in Italian. Lol, so I can never remember my numbers in class but when I'm put on the spot I am suddenly practically fluent. Whatever.

The adventure came when we actually got to the hotel. Apparently the hotel ran into some hard times and is now closed. But they opened for us, so we aren't kicked out on the street in tents or anything. But suddenly we have no wifi, we have to do laundry by hand, and so forth. Luxuries we were promised but don't get. Meanwhile parents who were promised emails asap don't get any word. So our amazing prof went and bought wifi sticks. But only for a couple computers so we have to share. So I must type quickly. 

So I'll be brief - Sicily is BEAUTIFUL, there are adorable geckos everywhere, and our site looks AWESOME. And everyone in our group is amazingly nice. I'll try to type more when I get my own computer. 

Oooh, Thief connections x2:
1) They have a wind coming through here now, similar to the Etesians (forget how it's spelled and have no access to book). So now I understand what they were talking about in the book. SO WINDY.

2) The guy who sat next to me at dinner drank SO MUCH WINE, I was like LOL Gen... I have discovered that I do not like wine. Ick.